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Many financial institutions, enterprise and government entities struggle to manage data loads, networks and data security. We address those needs in the key areas of data security, API connectivity, data analytics and data conversion. With 25+ years in the Fintech and security industries, we’ve got you covered.

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NXTsoft Welcomes New Customer: Customers Bank

NXTsoft is excited to welcome Customers Bank as a new OmniConnect customer. Customers Bank is a super-community bank with $19.6 billion in assets as of June 30, 2021...

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NXTsoft Welcomes New Customer Alltrust Credit Union

NXTsoft is excited to welcome Alltrust Credit Union in Fairhaven, MA as a new OmniConnect API customer. Alltrust Credit Union got its start in 1922, during the early days ...

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Is Your Company Ready for a Cyberattack?

Can you ever be ready for a cyberattack—yes, you can! Asking if you are ready for a cyberattack is like asking if you are ready for an accident. When an accident occurs, y...

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