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Connect Your Data

The FinTech landscape is changing for the better. Technology companies are developing new and exciting solutions every day that empower financial institutions to provide the solutions their customers demand in today’s banking environment. NXTsoft offers secure, open APIs to seamlessly connect FinTech solutions to financial institutions facilitating real time data sharing across all channels. Changing cores or other legacy systems to take advantage of new technology or making a branch acquisition to extend your footprint? We can make sure you stay connected with the legacy data you need to continue to operate efficiently and effectively through our unique approach to data migration and conversion. Find out more about NXTsoft's Data Connectivity solutions!

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Secure Your Data

The top concern for SMB's today is data security. If your data is not secure, your business can fail. Plain and simple. You want to ensure that you take every step possible to prevent a hack, breach or cyber event at your company, but taking those steps is often confusing because of the myriad of options. NXTsoft's cybersecurity management and cybersecurity education and training solutions will simplify the data security maze and guide you on your path to comprehensive data security.

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Optimize Your Data

The answers are in the data – you just need to find them. NXTsoft data analytics removes barriers that keep financial institutions from answers already contained in their data. Effortless, organized analysis delivers bank specific results allowing your institution to understand risk you may not have thought existed. Gain credibility. NXTsoft helps you understand and explain your results to the board and examiners.

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