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The OmniConnect CARES Queue guarantees the highest quality of service for vendors and their respective clientele who are applying for SBA loans via the E-Tran system.  The CARE Queue will accept E-Tran applications and then attempt to process through the standard SBA procedures.

In the occurrence that the SBA E-Tran system is down, the CARES Queue ensures that the client's applications will be processed in a first in, first out order.  Once an application is processed, the CARES Queue will return the SBA account number and respective payload to the vendor.  In addition, vendors can utilize the CARES Queue portal to view all pending applications and the status of E-Tran.

street view of tall buildings

To complement the OmniConnect CARES Queue, OmniConnect is offering our SBA CARES Connector.  The OmniConnect SBA CARES Connector finalizes the loan boarding process by taking the approved E-Tran application and processing it through to the vendor's core system.

When our CARES Queue and SBA CARES Connector are coupled together, the vendor receives an end-to-end solution that streamlines the SBA PPP program and relieves the burden caused by any possible system outages from the SBA.  Through this solution, vendors can provide clients the best support, as well as the backing of NXTsoft's Omni platform, which has 25+ years in connectivity solutions.

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