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OmniLytics CECL from NXTsoft

CECL brings the biggest change in loss accounting in over 40 years, requiring historic loss rate calculations as well as adjustments for both current and expected future conditions. Our customers’ biggest concerns over CECL have been a lack of time, lack of resources and lack of in-house expertise. OmniLytics CECL offers two options to produce your quarterly CECL Report.

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OmniLytics CECL Produces Your Quarterly CECL Report For You

  • Capture all required financial data from regulatory Call Reports
  • Perform all required calculations using the aggregate method
  • Derive all required peer calculations using the same data and methodologies
  • Collect and evaluate your Q-factors via our proprietary matrix
  • Assist you develop and apply required adjustments too best reflect your institution
  • Review your report with you with our “Analyst with every report” service
  • Make sure you are Exam-Ready with a self-contained report and CECL education
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You Assist OmniLytics CECL With Producing Your Quarterly Report

You participate in the process by:

  • Completing a simple point-and-click Q-factor questionnaire
  • Meeting with your analyst to review and help fine tune your inputs and results
  • In short: you get back to focusing on banking while we do all the CECL heavy lifting
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Omnilytics CECL: The Best Solution for Community Bankers

  • Complete and comprehensive done-for-you solution
  • Fully validated model... 3rd party independent model validation certificate provided
  • No complex math, software or calculations to trip you up... Just the results you want
  • Our regulatory experience guides you through the CECL minefield
  • Scalable solutions with upgrades to vintage/DCF if and when needed
  • Simplest, easiest and best value CECL solution

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