Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing offers flexibility and dynamism that brings immediate improvements to businesses anywhere in the world. Using the cloud for sharing information in real time, collaborating on projects, and easy working on the go are just some of the attractive features that have drawn people to this exciting new technology. However, selecting and implementing the best solution for your business can often become confusing and expensive.

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Cloud Server

Physical servers are a massive investment because they need to be monitored and maintained properly, or they are likely to break down. You have to invest vast sums of money in these machines, then create spacious server rooms that need to be thermally regulated. All these expenses pile up, and if you don’t have an expert monitoring the server room, a change in conditions could lead to irrecoverable data loss.

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Microsoft Office 365

Sharing information via Microsoft apps is commonplace now and sharing files online with prospective clients, partners, and stakeholders is a key part of daily operations., But legacy Microsoft Office programs are designed for offline use. Instead of dealing with incompatible attachments, missing/incorrect files, and limited access, your business can opt for Microsoft Office 365, the cloud-ready alternative to the offline Microsoft Office suite.

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Email Protection

Emails are a major source of dangerous cyberthreats, as they are often used to infiltrate a company’s networks. Ransomware, phishing, and data theft are just some of the threats that are hiding in improperly secured emails. Your business needs programs that detect and screen these harmful emails as well as employee training to help your users spot potential dangers, or you risk losing your sensitive data and paying huge fines.

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