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Physical servers are a massive investment because they need to be monitored and maintained properly, or they are likely to break down. You have to invest vast sums of money in these machines, then create spacious server rooms that need to be thermally regulated. All these expenses pile up, and if you don’t have an expert monitoring the server room, a change in conditions could lead to irrecoverable data loss.

Move your data to cloud servers with ThreatAdvice by NXTsoft and you’ll see immediate savings. Our engineers will configure your cloud servers, which will be housed in a secure data center off-premises so you don’t have to worry about physical damage or cyberattacks. Our cloud servers are much cheaper than on-site servers, and there are dedicated teams that maintain them at all times at no extra cost to you. Your new secure servers won’t take up any of your office space or add to your power bill.

street view of tall buildings

Moving to a cloud server gives you the following benefits:

  • Huge savings because cloud servers are less expensive to maintain
  • Your server can be off-premises and thus, safe during a natural disaster in the area
  • Cloud servers do not take up your physical space
  • You don’t have to manage a server room and pay personnel costs to monitor the server

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