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Emails are a major source of dangerous cyberthreats, as they are often used to infiltrate a company’s networks. Ransomware, phishing, and data theft are just some of the threats that are hiding in improperly secured emails. Your business needs programs that detect and screen these harmful emails as well as employee training to help your users spot potential dangers, or you risk losing your sensitive data and paying huge fines.

ThreatAdvice by NXTsoft’s Email Protection solutions address all of these concerns to create a safe environment for all your email correspondence. Our team will implement security software in your email client that screens for suspicious attachments, spam, untrustworthy sources, and other threats. We will also educate your employees about various email threats and how they can address them in the future.

street view of tall buildings

Here’s how our Email Protection service will help you

  • Our software will stop most of the malware from entering company inboxes
  • You will get notifications regarding untrustworthy sources and spam
  • We will train your employees on how to spot and deal with dangerous emails and phishing scams
  • Our team will secure your correspondence and archive it for future reference

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