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Sharing information via Microsoft apps is commonplace now and sharing files online with prospective clients, partners, and stakeholders is a key part of daily operations., But legacy Microsoft Office programs are designed for offline use. Instead of dealing with incompatible attachments, missing/incorrect files, and limited access, your business can opt for Microsoft Office 365, the cloud-ready alternative to the offline Microsoft Office suite.

ThreatAdvice by NXTsoft configures Microsoft Office 365 for your business so your employees can begin using it immediately. We’ll provide basic training and set up access controls that secure your Microsoft Office 365 network. You’ll be able to collaborate easily and access files at any time as long as you have an internet connection.

street view of tall buildings

Microsoft Office 365 has the following advantages over the conventional Office Suite:

  • Since it is cloud-based, your files and data are accessible from any authorized machine that has internet access, anytime you need it.
  • It is easier to collaborate because of editing and sharing functions
  • It works on less demanding hardware, so you don’t need expensive workstations
  • More affordable than Office suite per user

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