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Data security is your business’s biggest threat & the one that is the hardest to manage.

The threat landscape has evolved significantly. Data and cybersecurity is one of the most prevalent concerns facing all businesses today and proper measures and protection are vital to ensure that your business and that of your customers does not suffer.

Whether you are a large business with a CISO and security team that is struggling to stay on top of the ever-changing technology and new and more sinister threats, or a MSP challenged with managing multiple security scenarios, ThreatAdvice Command Center is the software solution that you need to streamline cybersecurity efforts. With ThreatAdvice Command Center as your cybersecurity hub, you will always have a clear understanding of where you stand with cybersecurity preparedness.

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ThreatAdvice Command Center Is The Answer

ThreatAdvice Command Center provides the assurance that you have an overarching solution to consolidate all of your data security components. Managing all of your cybersecurity through ThreatAdvice Command Center helps ensure that you have the proper solutions and protocols in place so that the likelihood of a cybersecurity event is significantly reduced. ThreatAdvice Command Center provides employee cybersecurity training and education, intelligence on potential cyber threats, policies and procedures and a comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring solution delivered through our proprietary dashboard.

Have an issue or need advice on a potential security solution? Communicate securely with the ThreatAdvice Command Center team of security experts through the secure messaging portal.

Cybersecurity threats are not going away and managing them will only become increasingly complicated. Take steps now to reduce your cybersecurity burden by implementing ThreatAdvice Command Center.

ThreatAdvice Command Center Main Features:

Command Center Dashboard

Single pane of glass where you can find the current status of your company’s cybersecurity and compliance program.

Security Health Check

ThreatAdvice Command Center performs a non-intrusive data collection and scan on your network. Then our data analyzer crunches the collected data and produces a baseline set of IT security reports to help you identify vulnerabilities, protect your data, guard against downtime and sleep better at night.


ThreatAdvice Command Center helps you protect your network by providing you with the latest news on cybersecurity including online standards, hacking awareness, and increasing digital defense.

Policies & Procedures

Store and manage all your policies from one location. Access to the ThreatAdvice Command Center library of policies templates.

End User Cyber Education

Efficient and effective online cybersecurity online training for your employees or customers.

Awareness Tools

Enhanced oversight and management of the enterprise cybersecurity. Includes Phish Simulator to test end user competency.

Integration with Connectwise Automate

Connect to a remote machines directly from the computer management screen to perform security-related tasks through ThreatAdvice Command Center.

Multi-tenant Mangement Console

Easily manage numerous security environments with maximum operating efficiency.

Secure Messaging*

*Access the expertise of ThreatAdvice’s CISO team through a secure messaging portal for an additional fee.

Breach Warranty

Our vCISO solution has been vetted by leading insurance carriers andNXTsoft provides up to $500K warranty coverage in the event of a breach occurring while subscribed and utilizing TA vCISO.

Scanning & Alerting

We perform vulnerability scans to identify known security exposures before attackers find them.

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