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Master meeting management with NXTsoft

CommitteeLink provides board and committee members with a secure, easy-to-use platform to plan for and participate in meetings, while reducing the amount of paper and hours spent in preparing materials.

CommitteeLink offers substantial benefits for meeting organizers. It provides a fast, easy and secure way to manage and deliver meeting material. Admins can easily upload meeting packages and other documents for review. This not only enhances the availability of information for everyone involved, but it also minimizes the time admins spend on administration—making their job much easier.

CommitteeLink allows access to meeting material securely, from anywhere, anytime. Stop printing and mailing large meeting packets. Save time and money by going digital. Add as many committees and users as needed. Flexible pricing gives you ability to use CommitteeLink for any organized meeting in your company.


  • - Empower communication with security and organization
  • - Streamline meeting administration and packet assembly
  • - Access meeting materials anytime from any place using a laptop or tablet

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