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Cybersecurity Awareness

By using the Cyber Risk Awareness Tools, management will be able to enhance its oversight and management of the enterprise cybersecurity by:

  • - Identifying factors contributing to and determining the overall organizational cyber risk.
  • - Assessing the enterprise cybersecurity preparedness.
  • - Evaluating whether cybersecurity preparedness is aligned with inherent risks.
  • - Determining risk management practices and controls that are needed or require enhancement, and actions to be taken to achieve the desired result.
  • - Informing risk management strategies.

Components of the Awareness Platform:

Phish Simulator

You can never know how prepared you are for a cyberattack until you simulate a real attack and assess where your security holes might be. Almost all cyberattacks come through “phishing”, or the sending of emails that trick someone in your organization into clicking on a malicious link and opening the back door of your system to the bad guys. ThreatAdvice can assist you in assessing your cyber preparedness with our Phish Simulator which will allow you to regularly send phantom attacks and see where your overall enterprise stands in terms of cyber awareness and preparedness. Until you know where your weaknesses are, you can’t develop a plan to strengthen them!


Policies and Procedures Library

Our extensive policies and procedures library will allow you to take any policy in the library and make it your own. Having comprehensive policies and procedures in place is critical in your security efforts, and we make it much easier to develop a policies and procedures library that fits your organization.

Employee Risk Scorecard

We provide a system that scores each employee in terms of the security risk they present to the organization. This helps you take corrective action with high risk employees and allows you to drill down to the employee level in assessing overall enterprise risk.

Company Threat Plan

The company threat plan provides a high-level overview of the risk and health of the organization and identifies areas of risk where more attention may be needed.

What's Included:

  • - Quarterly phishing campaigns performed by ThreatAdvice professionals
  • - Live phishing monitoring
  • - Master Company Questionnaire
  • - Executive Management Questionnaire
  • - 3rd Party Vendor Questionnaire
  • - Policies and procedures library
  • - Policies and documents sharing to employees
  • - External scans
  • - Email exposure scans
  • - Detailed audit reporting
  • - Monthly Company Threat Plan Evaluation
  • - 24/7 Threat Plan professionals
  • - Access to key partners
  • - Company Notifications
  • - Cyber Insurance Review
  • - Awareness Campaigns
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