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Cybersecurity Education

If you are looking for an efficient and effective corporate cybersecurity training solution for your employees, ThreatAdvice has got you covered. Our micro-learning, video-based online modules and testing are easy for employees to understand and complete, and our tracking system makes it easy for you to track and certify all of your employees' cybersecurity education progress.

Here’s the fact: the need for properly training your employees on cybersecurity risks and ways to mitigate those risks is at an all-time high. According to a recent U.S. Senate Select Committee report on intelligence, cyber is now the number one threat to our overall security. Huge data breaches are occurring almost daily, and criminals now operate in the cyber world very efficiently and effectively. And did you know that over 90% of all enterprise cyber breaches occur because of an unsuspecting employee not being prepared in the basic steps of cybersecurity?

Rank and file employees are the biggest threat to your cybersecurity, but also can be your most effective means of thwarting an attack. Our ThreatAdvice Cyber Awareness Training program through our proprietary learning management system provides your employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to help you avoid a cyber disaster.

What's Included:

  • - Written and video classes in micro-training format
  • - Access to new class content releases
  • - 5 question quizzes for each learning module
  • - Detailed audit reporting
  • - Employee tracking
  • - Customized learning paths
  • - White papers library
  • - Awareness campaigns
  • - Cyber news
  • - Company Notifications
  • - Certificates of completion

Remember-training your employees is the most important step you can take in protecting your organization.

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