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Data Conversion

We’re serious about data. You’ll see the difference that focus makes in our customer service, our process, and our technology. While we do the heavy lifting, you’re quicker, more accurate, and less liable for an audit. As data scientists, we are constantly working to improve the way banks deal with legacy data.

Over 2,000 financial institutions have trusted the NXTsoft team to navigate their data conversions with our Traditional Approach, OmniView, or Blended Approach. Contact us to learn which solution is the best fit for you.

Traditional Approach

Strategic Conversion of legacy data from any system to any system without the headache. Whether it’s acquired data from M&A, or legacy data from a core conversion, NXTsoft offers proven time-saving and secure features that aren’t offered anywhere else.

Key Features:

  • ⁃ Instant access to your data during conversion and upload process
  • ⁃ Image quality assurance analysis
  • ⁃ Audit & Compliance throughout the process
  • ⁃ Free & Missing image reconciliation
  • ⁃ Remote conversion process

OmniView Image Browser

NXTsoft is the only provider to offer a non-conversion option to quickly and easily research and print acquired, or legacy data in a matter of days vs. months, thus removing the need for expensive and time-consuming data conversions.


Key Features:

  • ⁃ No conversion – data remains in its native format
  • ⁃ Browser installed on your secure network
  • ⁃ Significant cost savings over a traditional conversion
  • ⁃ Search & print images and documents only when needed

Blended Approach

We get it.  There is some data you need to convert to your production systems.  However, older check, statement, document and COLD data that’s rarely researched is loaded into a single archive and users bank-wide can easily access with the OmniView Browser. The NXTsoft Blended Approach offers the flexibility you need.

Key Features:

  • ⁃ Convert what you want, when you want it. 
  • ⁃ Remote conversion of your selected data, documents, images and reports
  • ⁃ The OmniView Image Browser for long-term search and printing on-demand
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