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Deposit Profitability Analytics

Create a detailed P&L statement for each and every account

With our Deposit Profitability Analytics solution, you can substantially improve performance and establish a basis for continued profitable growth by obtaining profitability information by account, product, officer or branch. Our solution runs on any core system and we have a selection of delivery options to best meet your needs and budget. Choose from a one-time Deposit Snapshot or select quarterly or annual reporting. Get quick and actionable results with Deposit Profitability Analytics from NXTsoft.

Calculate Account Profitability: No more guessing which accounts are profitable. Now you know for sure who your best customers really are.

Understand How To Motivate Profitable Behavior: There are very real differences between deposit segments. Now you have x-ray vision to see exactly how to increase profits no matter the account.

Segment Using Balances and Profits: Bankers use balances as a shortcut for profitability. The problem is that balances don’t predict profits well. Using both balances and profits gives you better insight into your customers.

Segment-Specific Strategies: Stop treating all accounts the same. Use our segment-specific strategies to optimize customer profitability.

Analyst Included! Included with our Deposit Analytics solution is access to a senior analyst who will fully explain your Deposit Profitability Profile and suggest actionable items to increase profits.

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