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Cybersecurity Training and Awareness
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What if your organization’s greatest cybersecurity weakness - your employees - could be turned into a rock-solid defense against hackers? Enter ThreatAdvice Educate. We make it simple to protect your success with micro-learning, video-based courses, testing and gamification as well as phishing simulations and administrative tracking of employee progress.

Your Biggest Risk

Personnel will always be your biggest cybersecurity risk. Did you know that over 90% of all enterprise cyber breaches occur because of an unsuspecting employee not being prepared in the basic steps of cybersecurity? Employees may be the biggest threat to your cybersecurity, but they can also be your most effective means of thwarting an attack.

ThreatAdvice Educate provides cybersecurity training for employees that brings the necessary cybersecurity knowledge and skills to help you avoid a cyber-attack and protect valuable company data, and also provides regular phishing tests to validate their actual preparedness. Security training for management at all levels is critical to consider when threat modeling.

The ThreatAdvice Educate Premium Solution

ThreatAdvice Educate’s micro-learning, video-based cybersecurity training courses and testing are easy for employees to understand and encourage engagement and completion. Tracking employee progress is a breeze for administrators.

Complementing the cybersecurity training education portions are management and awareness tools to ensure compliance and oversight. ThreatAdvice Educate’s quarterly phishing simulations put what your employees have learned to a real world test and provide data that is incorporated into an individual employee risk level scorecard where every single employee is rated individually as to his or her security risk to the enterprise. The ThreatAdvice Educate Company Threat Plan provides a high-level overview of the risk and health of the organization so you can address the vulnerabilities found in both your workforce and your systems. Our extensive policies and procedures library can be used to create new policies or to supplement existing policies and is complemented by an audit/tracking mechanism account for employees who have/haven’t acknowledged policies.

A cyberattack can be extremely damaging to your organization. Take the necessary steps to help ensure your company won’t become a victim by implementing ThreatAdvice Educate today.

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“What I did in my youth is hundreds of times easier today. Technology breeds crime, so ongoing, non-technical employee cyber education is a must in keeping any enterprise safe. I highly recommend ThreatAdvice.”

Frank Abagnale

Former “Catch Me If You Can” Con-artist Turned 40+ Year FBI Consultant

ThreatAdvice Educate Premium Includes

  • • Written and video classes in micro-training format
  • • Quarterly Phishing Simulations
  • • Customized Learning Paths
  • • Individual Employee Risk Level Scorecard
  • • Detailed Audit Reporting
  • • Frank Abagnale Cyber Academy
  • • Company Threat Plan
  • • Policies Library
  • • Email Exposure Scans
  • • External Scans
  • • Employee Tracking
  • • Customized Learning Paths
  • • Mobile Friendly Interface
  • • NxtQ Trivia & Gamification

Introducing ThreatAdvice Smishing!

ThreatAdvice Educate customers now have the additional option of educating employees about smishing threats utilizing our new smishing simulations. SMS-phishing attempts are on the rise, end-users needed to be tested on their ability to recognize a SMS-phish just as well as a phish to ensure the security of personal and company data.

Once a quarter, a smish will be sent to the cell phone number that an employee uses to conduct company business. A report will then be provided to management highlighting the statistics associated with the SMS-phishing campaign and identifying employees who might need additional guidance and training. Click below to contact us or reach out to your ThreatAdvice account representative for more information.


What Our Clients Say

David Kostiak

“ThreatAdvice is easy to use and easy to get tech support as needed. A great training tool for our staff.”

David Kostiak
The University of Scranton Police Department

5 stars
Kari Wolfe

“VERY easy to use and understand. Out of a firm of 70, no one has to ask me for help with how to use it.”

Kari Wolfe
Hartmann, Blackmon, & Kilgore, P.C.

5 stars
Tony Madero

“Wonderful. The support is fast and effective. Setup was super easy and we deployed a semester of training to all employees.”

Tony Madero
Northwest Career College

5 stars
Ken Shaurette

“The experience overall has been very positive. I'd call this the model for how a vendor should support their solution.”

Ken Shaurette

5 stars

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