Out of every major industry, guess which one ranks as all-time worst in cybersecurity? Education. Schools collect and digitize incredible amounts of sensitive student data but haven’t taken the necessary steps to protect it. Hackers know that schools underestimate security needs and usually pass them off to an already overloaded it team. But it’s everyone’s job to be cyber-safe. It’s time the education sector got smart about cybersecurity, and that starts with employees. So protect your faculty, staff, and students. Get ThreatAdvice: non-technical cybersecurity education for your university, college, or school. Learn more about our cybersecurity solutions.

screenshot of ThreatAdvice Educate Premium Solution dashboard displays the cyber threat risk scorecard

The ThreatAdvice Educate Premium Solution

ThreatAdvice Educate’s micro-learning, video-based cybersecurity courses and testing are easy for employees to understand and encourage engagement and completion. Tracking employee progress is a breeze for administrators.

Complementing the education piece are management and awareness tools to ensure compliance and oversight. ThreatAdvice Educate’s quarterly phishing simulations put what your employees have learned to a real world test and provide data that is incorporated into an individual employee risk level scorecard where every single employee is rated individually as to his or her security risk to the enterprise. The ThreatAdvice Educate Company Threat Plan provides a high-level overview of the risk and health of the organization so you can address the vulnerabilities found in both your workforce and your systems. Our extensive policies and procedures library can be used to create new policies or to supplement existing policies and is complemented by an audit/tracking mechanism account for employees who have/haven’t acknowledged policies.

A cyberattack can be extremely damaging to your organization. Take the necessary steps to help ensure your company won’t become a victim by implementing ThreatAdvice Educate today.

screenshot of employee risk levels and company education, displayed on ThreatAdvice Educate Premium dashboard

ThreatAdvice Educate Premium Includes

  • Written and video classes in micro-training format
  • Quarterly Phishing Simulations
  • Customized Learning Paths
  • Individual Employee Risk Level Scorecard
  • Detailed Audit Reporting
  • Frank Abagnale Cyber Academy
  • Company Threat Plan
  • Policies Library
  • Email Exposure Scans
  • External Scans
  • Employee Tracking
  • Customized Learning Paths
  • Mobile Friendly Interface
  • NxtQ Trivia & Gamification