What is a digital transformation project?

A digital transformation project is an effort to replace a business' older nondigital or manual processes with systems based on digital technology.

In doing so, companies hope to enhance customer experience with their brand, encourage operational flexibility and innovation within the company, and create efficiencies that drive down costs. 

An important part of any digital transformation program is to implement technologies that serve your needs today, but that also can be used as the foundation for the changes that will inevitably -- and ceaselessly -- arrive in the years to come. 

In addition to carefully researching your digital options, it is important to have all members of your team onboard and expressing their input about wants and needs the digital transformation should meet. Open communication across departments is key to any successful project.

This can be difficult in organizations where departments are used to competing with one another, but cooperation is a prerequisite for digital transformation success. 

Once you have a better idea of what your goals are and how you plan to achieve them, create a roadmap to get you to those goals. Then, measure your progress to make sure you are on target, and that your plan does not need additional tweaks. 

Virtually all companies that implement digital transformation will want to know what their return on investment is. In some cases, the ROI might not be immediately apparent. 

But over time, companies that take this step will offer better service to their customers, and that should pay off in the form of loyal customers and new shoppers alike. Digital transformation can also create efficiencies that can help companies save money, as well as freeing up the best workers to make more productive contributions. 

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