What is a digital transformation specialist?

A digital transformation specialist is someone who advises businesses looking to make a bigger commitment to technological change within their organization. The person in this role helps businesses achieve their goals.

Sometimes known as a digital transformation consultant, the person in this role helps businesses zero in on the right plan, leads the business through discussions about how best to achieve their goals, and recommends options for achieving the goal.

The role has been formalized to the point that Cisco and Arcitura offer digital transformation specialist certifications.

A digital transformation specialist is likely to start a job by becoming familiar with a company's current systems and looking for places to improve performance. The specialist may work with many people in an organization in hopes of understanding what different departments need. The specialist then strategizes about how to get everyone on the same page.

Once the digital transformation specialist understands a company's wants or needs, he or she can help the company draw up a plan for achieving its goals. The specialist also will take an active role in helping lead the project to fruition.

The role of a digital transformation specialist is growing in importance. Companies often struggle to stay on the cutting edge of ever-evolving technology. A digital transformation specialist has the skills to help craft and implement changes quickly, keeping companies competitive by helping them marry existing and emerging technologies.

Digital transformation specialists can work as full-time employees, independent contractors, or for consulting companies.

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