What is API-led connectivity?

Point-to-point integration is considered the simplest form of integration. It is a popular choice for those working with APIs.

Such APIs can then unlock data from systems, compose data into processes or create an experience of one type or another.

In the past, integrations have been completed by using point-to-point connections. But point-to-point tends to lead to complicated and inflexible systems that often fail as a business grows and its needs change. Even when they succeed, point-to-point systems require a lot of IT resources to keep them going. 

With API-led connectivity, there is much greater flexibility. Layers of APIs are responsible for specific systems, processes and end consumer experiences. The approach decentralizes access to enterprise data. That means more people can access the data.  Businesses use APIs to expose its digital capabilities so they can be reused and repurposed. In this way, APIs foster innovation. 

APIs help businesses innovate, better serve their customers and create new sources of revenue. They can be used for things such as: 

  • Grabbing data from an application
  • Data processing
  • Sending data to other applications or APIs

Connectivity to ALL Core Systems

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