Who drives digital transformation?

For starters, drivers of digital transformation are companies that understand that it offers many ways to enhance a business in the marketplace.

Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technology to all areas of a business. It is front and center for many businesses today. But who is driving digital transformation? 

For starters, it is companies that understand digital transformation offers many ways to enhance the place of a business in the marketplace. Some of the perks of digital transformation are: 

  • It helps companies stay on the cutting edge. A business that taps into digital transformation can use tools such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT).
  • It promotes innovation. Digital technology helps companies solve old problems and create brand-new opportunities.
  • It drives greater efficiencies. Digital transformation makes company processes faster and creates other efficiencies in their operations. Businesses become more agile and flexible in meeting customer demand. 
  • It can save money. Companies that use digital transformation increase their efficiencies and free up resources for other things. 

Customers also are driving digital transformation. Today's customers have many options when looking for goods and services. Increasingly, these customers want products that meet their needs in ways that are most interesting and convenient to the customer. 

Businesses are responding to these demands by using digital transformation to become more agile and flexible, making them better able to quickly adjust to the changing needs of their customers. 

These companies understand that they must remain on the cutting edge, developing appealing products that are as good as -- or better than -- the offerings of competitors.

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