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Fixed Income Accounting

Bankers who rely on current bond pricing and cash flow information trust Fixed Income Accounting by NXTsoft.

Reuters, Moody’s, and IDC - the standards for pricing and cashflow data - provide FIA with data as the most widely accepted sources.

FIA turns this data into report sets that tell the story in format that accountants, regulators, and portfolio managers understand.

Cap that off with NXTsoft’s stellar client care, and you have a bond accounting process that will no longer leave you wondering if you’ve misstated the company financial position.


  • - SAAS Software – no software to install and maintain means you access your portfolio anywhere you have access to the internet
  • - Integrate with your general ledger to ensure accurate entries
  • - Upload to your ALM Model
  • - SSAE audited, ensuring your portfolio is properly secure
  • - Track safekeeping and pledging, including across multiple institutions
  • - Archiving allows access to historical reports and data
  • - Create custom CPR and PSA rates for your MBS and CMOs
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