Government Contractors

In the modern world, every industry needs to have cybersecurity precautions in place. This is no different for government contractors. Like all other businesses, government contractors are a target of cyber-attacks. A cyber attack that leads to a breach can lead to physical damage, downtime, and loss of important data. Poor cybersecurity practices can even lead to the dissolution of a contract. Just last year, long-time government contractor, Perceptics, LLC was breached and declared “ineligible” by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This suspension following a cybersecurity breach at Perceptics, LLC shows that the government intends to use the suspension/debarment process to investigate and potentially punish contractors for cybersecurity breaches.

Focus to cybersecurity significance has been shifted in today’s cyber climate. Having sufficient cybersecurity protocols is vital for organizations like government contractors as lack of cybersecurity can lead to loss of over decades long contracts and principal government data breaches. Protecting government contractors from cyberattacks is vital as attacks are launched all the time and the entity can be breached by something as simple as an unsuspecting employee clicking a malicious link in an email. Employee knowledge of cybersecurity basics is pivotal in successfully guarding government contractors from attacks and ThreatAdvice Educate offers innovative cyber education and awareness solutions to match the needs of the governmental industry. ThreatAdvice’s customizable policies and procedures regarding cybersecurity processes can be a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for government contractors.

ThreatAdvice vCISO also acts as an overarching cybersecurity plan to take out the worry of cybersecurity policies and procedures for government contractors. A Virtual Chief Information Officer oversees cybersecurity throughout for your company and alerts you of any issues. ThreatAdvice vCISO also comes with up to a $500,000 warranty and employee education training that provides top-of-the-line training for employees and protection. Using a comprehensive cybersecurity solution like ThreatAdvice by NXTsoft will prepare government contractors to successfully defend their business against cyber-attacks and keep contracts and data safe.