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Suppose you come to work one day, and your worst business fears are realized. Despite your focus on cybersecurity, the planning you have done, the systems you have installed, the policies and procedures you have instituted and the cyber education you have implemented, something somewhere along the way has failed, and your company has experienced a cybersecurity incident or data breach.

You and your team don’t have the internal expertise to handle a suspected breach, and each minute wasted is costing your business money and has the potential to substantially damage your reputation if the breach is not rectified and handled correctly.

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What exactly is your incident response plan?

Sleep well at night knowing that in the event of an incident or breach, whether it be a ransomware event, denial of service attack, malware or even sabotage by a disgruntled employee, the ThreatAdvice Incident and Beach Response Team is a phone call away and can be onsite within hours to navigate this process and restore your normal operations while minimizing disruption.

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Make your first call to NXTsoft: 1-800-600-9891

At NXTsoft, we understand that every breach is a big breach to the company who experiences it and we treat any incident that we investigate as our top priority. Think of our Incident and Breach Response team as modern-day ghostbusters fighting back against the invisible cyber criminals instead of ghosts.

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ThreatAdvice Incident & Breach Response Will:

  • Respond quickly
  • Investigate the incident
  • Map and document damage
  • Perform remediation including containment and eradication
  • Restore systems back to normal operations
  • Perform forensic data analysis
  • Deliver a comprehensive report
  • Coordinate with legal counsel to handle breach notification

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