There’s not a company today that doesn’t use some form of IT in its daily business operations. As nothing in life is perfect, neither is the technology we use. But you can’t fix what is wrong unless you understand where your weaknesses are.

ThreatAdvice’s IT security risk assessment (SRA) will review your IT environment to assess risks that may lead to unnecessary outages or compromised systems. We will identify and assess the security of the Information Systems utilized by your company and make recommendations that are in line with industry best practices for addressing significant security risks and strengthen the security of your information systems.

Need help putting security recommendations and best practices into action and with ongoing security oversight? Ask us about our ThreatAdvice vCISO solution!

ThreatAdvice SRA Will:

  • Review policies and procedures
  • Review network architecture
  • Review cybersecurity existing measures and activities
  • Perform an automated security vulnerability scan (internal/external)
  • Review physical security of buildings and data center
  • Review backup and recovery procedures
  • Review Disaster Recovery plans (DRP)
  • Review Incident Response Plan (IRP)
  • Identify any regulatory requirements and create a gap analysis

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