It’s no secret that manufacturers really need to be concerned with cybersecurity. Manufacturing is a rich target for bad actors who can cause physical damage, downtime with facilities, and even cause breaches of intellectual property and customer data. You’ve seen the headlines about the WannaCry ransomware shutting down the Honda plant or the Cadbury chocolate factory being shut down by the Petya cyber-attack. But more than that, the manufacturing industry faces some unique risks that other industries don’t as it relates to a cyberattacks. Most industries are only worried about data getting stolen, but manufacturers also have to worry about hackers changing the performance of operational technology and causing manufacturing disruptions that could lead to defective products (meaning recalls and reputational losses), production downtime, physical damage and even the possibility of injuries or deaths.

  • 1. Industrial internet of things devices that were built and installed with no security concerns.
  • 2. Legacy equipment that most likely does not have up to date security patches.
  • 3. Gaps in technology between IT and operations.
  • 4. Lack of appropriate training policies and procedures.
  • 5. Perhaps most importantly, employees who are not educated as to all of the cyber risks they might encounter.

The traditional focus has been on performance and safety, not security. In today’s cyber climate, manufacturers most definitely need to add cybersecurity to their list of concerns. ThreatAdvice offers a complete cybersecurity education and awareness training for the manufacturing industry that includes the basics of cybersecurity and customized modules that relate specifically to the manufacturing industry. Cyber education at a non-technical level is paramount to successfully protecting every financial institution, and ThreatAdvice offers unique and cutting-edge cyber education and awareness solutions to meet these needs for the manufacturing industry. Through our intuitive cybersecurity learning management, to simulated phishing attacks, to our Company Threat Plan, we can help protect you and your institution. Additionally, ThreatAdvice provides customizable policies and procedures regarding cybersecurity processes that can be customized to meet the needs of those in the manufacturing industry.

ThreatAdvice also offers Intellisense, a threat intelligence program that can alert manufacturers about specific threats that are targeting the manufacturing industry or a specific geographic area among other factors so that additional proactive steps can be taken to prevent an attack. Manufacturers are only as strong and as cyber-prepared as their weakest employee. Make sure to educate every single network connected employee to help avoid potential disaster.