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Established in 2001, Ensenta is an award winning Silicon Valley pioneer of innovative enterprise-wide, real time SaaS solutions for mobile and online payments and deposits. Our Smarter & Safer™ payment technologies not only mitigate risk, they minimize compliance exposure, increase back office efficiencies, and improve funds availability for consumers and businesses. Over 1,000 financial institutions and government agencies use Ensenta’s patented technologies across their ATM, mobile, online desktop, merchant and branch channels. Our products and services are trusted by the U.S. Treasury and are distributed by leading mobile banking providers, core banking processors, and ATM networks and manufacturers.

Ensenta is an award winning Silicon Valley pioneer of innovative, real time, cloud based mobile and online payment and deposit solutions. We serve the financial services (1,000+ banks and credit unions), government, health care, logistics, and nonprofit markets. Our PCI certified SaaS platform is highly secure and reliable. Named best in class and recipient of two Celent awards.

Ensentas Smarter & Safer™ real time SaaS payment technologies mitigate risk, minimize compliance exposure, increase back office efficiencies and improve funds availability. Items are automatically evaluated across 200+ risk factors. Suspect items go to “needs review” queues. Most items require no review. Configurable user segments and hold policies lead to high limits and faster access to funds.

Ensenta’s API centric model features real time connectivity to many value added services like mobile and online providers, ATM networks, payment gateways, banking cores, item processors, and 3rd party risk services. Our approach reduces development costs and speeds time to market, while creating flexible, custom mobile and online payment solutions.

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