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#1 FinTech to Financial Institution API Connector

The digital landscape for financial institutions changes daily. The branch is no longer king. Consumers expect to be able to meet all their financial needs online, and they expect to do it in real-time.

FinTech companies are answering the call, developing new, robust applications that meet the consumer's needs. But there is still a caveat: how to connect A to B.

Financial institutions are excited about the new opportunities to enhance their digital offerings but hate the headache of how to integrate these new solutions with their existing systems.

NXTsoft's OmniConnect removes the roadblocks on both sides of the equation. NXTsoft is the leading provider of API connectivity between FinTech companies and financial institutions.

With over 25 years' experience connecting FinTech solutions to banks and credit unions, we built our innovative solutions on the strongest technology foundation in the industry, and to the highest industry and regulatory standards.

The NXTsoft API marketplace contains thousands of different out-of-the-box connections between our FinTech partners' solutions and the core processing systems that most financial institutions utilize.

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How NXTsoft's API Marketplace Benefits FinTech Companies

You've developed an awesome solution that is going to revolutionize the financial industry. Or, you have a successful, established solution. Either way, don't waste valuable time and resources creating different connections to various core systems and financial institutions.

Do you want to spend your development dollars on developing individual connections to each financial institution customer or would you prefer to spend those development dollars making your solution even better?

Do you want to remove any roadblocks to closing a deal with a potential customer by assuring the financial institution that your solution will integrate with their core system?

Connect your solution to any bank or credit union! It's simple when you use our API marketplace's thousands of existing, established connections. Our extensive data library into core platforms, built over the past 25 years, together with our industry experience, ensures an organized execution of data integration.

NXTsoft's API connectivity provides you with a best of breed connectivity solution. Using our solution, you can close deals expeditiously, because we provide pre-built API integrations into so many existing applications.

Remove the connectivity onus from your organization. Allow your development team to focus on organic development efforts that enhance your solution. Establish your businesses as a leader in the marketplace.

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A Real-World Example

Recently, NXTsoft worked with a FinTech company that was using three full-time developers just to manage the integrations for their software to the various core systems of their financial institution customers.

Through partnering with NXTsoft and standardizing their interfaces, the company was able to reduce this to just one developer working part-time on interfaces! The other developers were then able to focus on the continued development of the company's flagship solution.

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Taking Out the Trash

Not many CEO's would compare their company's solution to "taking out the trash," but that is exactly the comparison NXTsoft CEO David Brasfield makes about NXTsoft's FinTech API solution.

The FinTech solution is the exciting part - the benefits that it provides the financial institution customer are the sizzle. But, no matter how exciting a business is, every business must have someone take out the trash. It is not an exciting task, yet it still must be done.

The same is true with API connectivity. Your solution is the star, yet without the ability to connect successfully to a financial institution's core system, what is the point?

As your API partner, NXTsoft works behind the scenes to make sure your solution connects securely day in and day out with a financial institution's backend systems.

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How NXTsoft's API Marketplace Benefits Financial Institutions

NXTsoft's API marketplace and OmniConnect solution make it easy for financial institutions to implement the solutions they want, when they want them and how ever they want.

Are you implementing a new account opening system? With NXTsoft, that is no problem.

With NXTsoft's connectivity library we can have you up and running within 90 days.

Changing core solutions, but worried about how that will affect all your ancillary solutions? No need to worry. NXTsoft's API connectivity is autonomous. What you have invested in API connectivity will not be disrupted if you chose to change core systems (or any other system for that matter!)

Wondering about how a particular FinTech solution will interface with your specific core? NXTsoft most likely has a referenceable institution that already has that specific connectivity in place. NXTsoft takes the pain, stress, and uncertainty out of API connectivity.

Did we mention security? We have expertise in financial institution security. NXTsoft's OmniAlert provides an additional layer of cybersecurity to NXTsoft’s secure APIs. It reports anomalies and suspicious activities so that immediate action can be taken.

OmniAlert’s state-of-the-art technology is incredible, and it is complemented with 24/7, U.S.-based Security Operation Center (SOC). This ensures that financial institutions experience safer networks and earlier detection of intrusion, as well as relevant and specific threat intelligence.

Work with one vendor for all your connectivity needs! NXTsoft can help you drive efficiencies by managing all your integrations. Not only do we have integration experience, but we are experts in the field of core accounting and will consult with you to ensure optimal performance in any scenario.

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Why NXTsoft for API Connectivity?

NXTsoft's team of U.S -based skilled developers is committed to building and implementing the most cutting-edge cloud-based technology in the industry. We set the standard for connectivity and automation. Our development, implementation, and client care teams are dedicated to ensuring that your connectivity experience exceeds expectations. We are committed to making your open banking connectivity a reality.

Say goodbye to uncertainty, exorbitant charges, long wait times, inability to test. Say hello to NXTsoft's API Marketplace and OmniConnect– the only integration you need for your FinTech connectivity needs.

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