Companies are always looking for extra services and solutions to offer their customers. We designed the ThreatAdvice Partner Program with this in mind.

The ThreatAdvice Partner Program is a full featured version of our robust cyber security platform that offers broad, timely cyber security education. Through the ThreatAdvice Partner Program, you can offer your customers access to the ThreatAdvice web-based video classes and quizzes to educate their employees on cybersecurity, as well as a suite of cyber-awareness tools such as phishing campaigns and cyber awareness reviews. The goal is to ultimately produce stronger companies that stay in business and stay loyal to your business.

Sample Education Classes Available For Education & Online Testing

  • - CyberSecurity Terms Volume #1
  • - CyberSecurity Terms Volume #2
  • - Employees - Your Biggest Security Threat
  • - The Changing Cyber Landscape
  • - What is Phishing and Ransomware?
  • - Phishing Attack Warning Signs
  • - Mobile Device Security
  • - 10 Important General Data Security Measures
  • - I've Been Hit with Ransomware
  • - Smishing - A New Frontier of Fraud

ThreatAdvice will provide you with cobranded marketing materials to share with your customers, and there is no setup or support required on your end. In addition to providing your company with an additional revenue stream, you will be able to offer a valuable service to your customers that will help them stay cyber-prepared in today’s challenging environment.

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