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Penetration Testing

Has your organization, like many, made a significant investment in external security protection? How can you know for sure that investment is paying off? And how do you make future security spending decisions with confidence?

Remove the guesswork: Get a comprehensive picture of your network security with NXTsoft’s best-in-class External Penetration Test, and stay a step ahead of continuous and evolving threats to your company’s perimeter.

An External Penetration Test simulates an actual attacker exploiting vulnerabilities in your business’s internet-facing assets (website, web application, email and domain name servers, etc), exposing any weakness that could be used to disrupt the confidentiality, availability, or integrity of your network. Contact us for scheduling and to learn more about how our penetration test can benefit your organization.

NXTsoft’s External Penetration Test meets industry compliance and follows best practice methodologies, including:

  • ⁃ Footprinting
  • ⁃ Public Information & Information Leakage
  • ⁃ Access Control Testing
  • ⁃ DNS Analysis & DNS Bruteforcing
  • ⁃ Port Scanning
  • ⁃ System Fingerprinting
  • ⁃ Services Probing
  • ⁃ Exploit Research
  • ⁃ Manual Vulnerability Testing
  • ⁃ Verification of Identified Vulnerabilities
  • ⁃ Intrusion Detection System Testing
  • ⁃ Intrusion Prevention System Testing
  • ⁃ Password Service Strength Testing
  • ⁃ Remediation Retest
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