Virtual CISO: The Perfect Combo

Category: Data Security
Type: Video

Virtual CISO: Chief Information Security Officer. A senior-level executive with one focus: company-wide security strategy. Except this one doesn't cost a two hundred thousand dollar salary. This one is virtual. Genius! Killer software plus professional expertise - the perfect combo. It's like having an entire team of security experts on staff, but without increasing your headcount. No more security headaches. ThreatAdvice Virtual CISO.

ThreatAdvice’s vCISO Platform pulls all of your security needs into one place: Governance, Compliance Management, Policies and Procedures, and Assurance Services. Click here for a full list of services that ThreatAdvice vCISO can provide your business, and schedule a discovery call to determine how we can augment your current security strategy.

October 16, 2019