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Risk Analytics

Risk Analytics is a proven, well-validated interest rate risk measurement and reporting solution that allows financial institutions to meet regulatory requirements using instrument level data.

Instrument Level Detail: Get an enhanced picture of your risk profile with improved accuracy and precision compared to aggregate methods.

Comprehensive Report Set: No matter your focus, quickly find your interest rate risk answers with our complete set of insightful reports.

Accurate Calculations: We offer all major interest rate risk calculations - Gap, Earning at Risk (EaR) and Economic Value of Equity (EVE) - consistent with regulatory guidance.

Service Bureau Available: Get back to running your bank while our team of experienced asset / liability experts import your data and prepare your reports for you.

Our data capture process is designed for efficiency and accuracy. With a robust data conversion and validation process, most modeling data can be imported and then validated in a matter of minutes. NXTsoft’s Risk Analytics ALM has solutions for all sizes and complexities of institutions and covers the entire market from the smallest bank to the largest.

Let our data experts evaluate your organization’s needs with a free discovery call.

We love tailor-fitting solutions for any size company.

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Data Analytics

Optimize your financial institution’s efficiency.

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Data Connectivity

Integrate platforms with technically superior core APIs.

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Data Migration

Move or convert legacy data securely, quickly, & affordably.