"This is going to allow us to have that same level of expertise that any large institution could have." Mitt Schroeder, CEO of Central State Bank, explains the incredible value of the ThreatAdvice Virtual CISO.
"Did your screen just turn red?" Kip Snowden, President of Joe Piper Inc., tells the story of how he lost a bet against the effectiveness cybercrime and how he won’t make the same mistake again.
"When we signed up with ThreatAdvice, they tested us, and we were clicking on 48% of the stuff we weren’t supposed to click on. After the training, we were clicking on less than 1% of it. The training has worked." Chris Cooper, CEO of the Boyd Companies, illustrates just how much ThreatAdvice has impacted their business security.
"Cyber liability is one of those things where businesses hope something never happens. They read all the articles about all these terrible things that happen to everybody else, and they just think it’s never going to happen to them." Jeremy Long, Senior Vice President of Petra Risk Management Services, shares how ThreatAdvice offers an actionable plan to any business that recognizes cyber liability is real.
Beer, burgers, and cybersecurity: John Quinn, CFO of Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint, shares how their company's focus on creating quality food and atmosphere led them to value employee cybersecurity as vital to their business growth moving forward.
Mike Levering, Vice President of Truckworx, shares how his company wasn't prepared to deal with the challenge of cybersecurity until partnering with ThreatAdvice. Now at more than 400 employees, Truckworx is confident about its current and future growth with a secure threat plan in place.