siem and endpoint protection

Monitor System Uses & Behavior. Detect Cyber Attacks Instantly. Automate Response & Remediation.

Think of this solution like an alarm system for your home. It will deter a cyber break in, alert you to suspicious cyber activity and help you to stop a cyber intrusion before it happens. You can utilize this solution as a standalone or included with our ThreatAdvice vCISO solution for a truly comprehensive cybersecurity solution. Here’s what’s included:

On-demand security operations

We provide a 24/7 security operations center (SOC) and the a team of cybersecurity engineers to help you with threat remediation, remote and on-site

Always-on threat coverage

Our advanced technology help with the detection of all known and unknown (zero-day) threats leveraging the latest behavior-based technology, threat identification and remediation technology regardless of where your endpoints are deployed (office, home, hotel, coffee shop, etc.).

24/7 SOC Services

Advanced security operations center, staffed 24/7 with experienced security analysts, means that you can be confident in your security, without relying on in-house security expertise. The ThreatAdvice SOC analyzes quarantined security alerts, reduces false positives and ensures comprehensive protection. Let us take care of cybersecurity while you focus on your business.

siem software
Next-Generation Endpoint Security

ThreatAdvice SIEM provides malware and threat detection. Using multiple AI engines, providing complete visibility into all activity and even rolling back threats with a single agent.


With continuous monitoring by our ThreatAdvice SIEM and 24/7 SOC of all of your information systems and network devices, you can easily prove compliance with multiple regulatory frameworks; FFIEC, HIPAA, NIST, etc.

ThreatAdvice SIEM Techology

Monitor key log files to identify and correlate events that could be malicious. ThreatAdvice is powered by an established tracking platform. We’ve combined this innovative technology with ourskilled and experienced cybersecurity experts to deliver a comprehensive solution for your business.

siem software

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