Cybersecurity Management Today, Versus The Past

In 2019 the threat landscape has evolved significantly. Data and cybersecurity is one of the most prevalent concerns facing all businesses today and proper measures and protection are vital to ensure that your business does not suffer. Checking a box for compliance purposes could get you through an audit, but you could suffer mightily in the future if you don’t understand what you are checking off!

Cybersecurity Landscape for Small to Mid-size Businesses (SMB's)

Unfortunately, many small to midsized businesses can’t afford to attract and retain the talent needed to ensure comprehensive oversight in these areas. According to the salary for the expertise and guidance of a full time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) provides averages $156,852 and that’s IF you can find someone in your area with the skills for the job.

Data security, a concept that was once purely thought of as technical or “IT” has evolved to be more business orientated, with the CISO taking a proactive and business focused approach to security. This security expert is responsible for the company wide security and compliance strategy, auditing of current systems, monitoring any potential security flaws and mitigating future risks.

In fact, according to Ponemon Institute’s 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study, in 2017 the average cost of a data breach was $2.29 million. However, this same report found that appointing a CISO could significantly reduce the cost of said breach.

ThreatAdvice's Virtual Chief Information Security Officer as A Solution

We know that the best IT Departments may need additional assistance. ThreatAdvice’s vCISO Platform (virtual chief information security officer) can take away many of your information security management headaches. Our team of experienced information and security experts become a virtual part of your team and provide oversight and intelligence on your information security program.

ThreatAdvice’s virtual chief information security officer solution pulls all of your security needs into one place, adding an expert chief information security officer to your team. Compliance, security, advice, intelligence and education are now all accessed in one platform with oversight and interpretation from your dedicated security officer / vCISO service.

You will have a vCISO dashboard where you can communicate securely with our vCISO team, access completed reports and policies, view upcoming and completed tasks that your virtual full time CISO is handling and more.

Think of ThreatAdvice’s virtual chief information security officer solution as a single pane of glass through which you can get a complete overview of your company’s cybersecurity-preparedness. The vCISO solution is customized to your company profile and your specific industry and regulatory requirements.

ThreatAdvice’s vCISO team can help you develop and maintain a robust long-term security program to reduce your overall risk posture and ensure that you meet regulatory requirements.

vCISO - Governance, Compliance Management, Policies & Procedures, Assurance Services

ThreatAdvice vCISO clients will receive $25,000* of ThreatAdvice Incident Response professional services in the event of a breach.

What ThreatAdvice vCISO Services Cover:


  • • Board Communication
  • • C-Suite Communication
  • • Role Management

Compliance Management

  • • Audit Response
  • • Regulatory Requirements
  • • Penetration Testing
  • • Vulnerability Scanning
  • • Education
  • • Disaster Recovery
  • • Table Top Exercises
  • • FFIEC Reporting

Policies & Procedures

  • • Data Acquisition
  • • Central Repository

Assurance Services

  • • Phishing Simulations
  • • Key vCISO Point of Contact
  • • 3rd Party Vendor
  • • Monthly Client Communication

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*Based on $250 hourly professional services rate. Does not include hardware.

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