About the Program

Birmingham, Ala., August 27, 2020 – NXTsoft (www.nxtsoft.com) a provider of cybersecurity, data and API software solutions, announced that its NXTsoft CARES Program has made its first charitable distribution. The NXTsoft Cares program was established with the purpose of supporting  individuals, families and organizations experiencing hardship due to certain personal situations or because of the COVID 19 pandemic. NXTsoft CARES is funded by voluntary contributions from NXTsoft employees that are personally matched by NXTsoft CEO, David Brasfield.

An internal committee was established to review need-based requests and to identify opportunities where the company could contribute. Employees were provided with an opportunity to have NXTsoft CARES consider supporting  friends or family who had experienced a financial downturn due to COVID 19 or suggest organizations they wanted to see NXTsoft CARES support.

This quarter NXTsoft CARES is providing support to two employees along with making the following donations:

  • Grants for three (3) underprivileged and minority students, currently enrolled in the University of Alabama at Birmingham Computer Science  scholarship program, to complete their education

  • Boys & Girls Club of Orlando
  • Boys & Girls Club of Denver
  • Boys & Girls Club of Atlanta

NXTsoft has offices in Orlando, Denver, and Atlanta and wanted to support organizations in the communities where they have locations. The donation to the UAB Computer Science scholarship fund will both help those who want to go to school to obtain a degree in computer science, but are struggling to afford it, and serve to ensure future technical talent is available in Birmingham for local software companies.

“2020 has been a tough year all around, but we are lucky to have a great team who works at NXTsoft who really care about each other and the communities where we live and work. We all felt like if we were able to help others during these difficult times, even a little, that’s what we should do,” Brasfield said. 

NXTsoft CARES will continue to take employee contributions to add to its fund and will evaluate additional recipients in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Objective/ Purpose

To provide financial support to individuals and families who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic situation.


Qualifying event for financial support under the NXTsoft Cares program. The qualifying events can vary based on individuals and their situation, however the general events we consider as qualifying events are as follows:

  • ·Unable to meet regular household expenses due to loss of employment of Spouse/Partner and source of household income related to COVID-19.
  • ·Having to bear additional unexpected expense due to the COVID 19 pandemic situation. Eg. Additional medical expenses, childcare ,etc.

How will the funds collected under the NXTsoft Cares program be distributed/utilized?

A committee has been formed to oversee the overall administration and governance of the NXTsoft Cares program. The committee evaluates various options and channels to partner with existing charitable organization who can effectively meet the objective of the program and provide tax credit certificates to the contributors.

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