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Your clients' most powerful tool is also the most overwhelming. But that's where we come in. NXTsoft is the market leader in secure, comprehensive, and complete workflow API connectivity, data analytics, data management and data migration, with 25+ years in the Fintech and security industries. We love solving problems, breaking barriers and relieving pain points. So how can we help your clients?

How It Works

For FIs Who Need to Convert or Access Legacy Data

NXTsoft specializes in tools and procedures to convert data easily and quickly with minimal staff involvement at a lower cost of company doing it themselves. NXTsoft’s OmniData solution can assist financial institutions who:

  • Have legacy image data stored on systems that are no longer supported
  • Are being told that they are not in compliance because they are running on non-supported hardware and software
  • Are going through a merger or acquisition

Your customers shouldn’t pay to convert data they don’t use. OmniData from NXTsoft can decommission image systems and data center connectivity within days and save on extreme conversion fees charged by core vendors.


For FIs Looking to Connect New Fintech Solutions

NXTsoft’s OmniConnect takes the pain, stress, and uncertainty out of connecting new technology to a financial institution. Your client can plug in new technology without being dependent on their core or tech vendor to develop the connectivity. Our connections are autonomous, so if your clients changes cores or any other system, connectivity is not disrupted.

NXTsoft can help your client drive efficiencies by managing all integrations. Not only do we have integration experience, but we’re experts in the field of core accounting and can help to ensure optimal performance in any scenario.

We have experience connecting to 99% of existing core systems.


For FIs Who Don't Have Time to Manage CECL

NXTsoft’s CECL solution is so easy to use, your clients will only need 20 minutes each quarter to handle it. Simply put, our CECL solution is the simplest, easiest, and best value CECL model on the market.

All your client needs to do complete a simple point-and-click Q-factor questionnaire and then set aside 20 minutes to review and help us fine tune your inputs and results.

We’ll even produce a complimentary quarterly CECL report using your client’s actual loss history. Just email info@nxtsoft.com and ask. If you want to white label this solution, that works for us too!


One Vendor, Many Options

NXTsoft can provide a solution to your clients facing these challenges and many others. Please keep us in mind as a solution provider.

We are glad to discuss with you your clients pain points and the solutions that we have that can help to relive them.

Headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., with offices in Orlando, Atlanta and Denver, we have been in business for 25+ years and can provide customer references for all of our solutions. Please check us out and let us know if we can help you help your clients!

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