GL Connector

The GL Connector™ for Accounting and GL Connector™ for Loan Operations, streamlines the accounting workflow by automatically generating general ledger entries from data already in the financial institution's loan origination system After the loan is closed, the loan fee data can easily be moved from the loan origination system to the general ledger with a few simple mouse clicks. The GL Connector™ simplifies the loan accounting steps and saves countless hours of rekeying data.

Benefits and Features

What’s Included? GL - OPS GL - ACCOUNTING
Automates processes thereby reducing training time and expense
Increase data quality by eliminating rekeying errors
Ability to customize based on Fl needs and regulations
Multiple fees can be combined into one total GL entry
Adheres to GAP
Automated Balancing Audit
Ability to be run before, during or after loan funding
Availability for Customized Reporting
Stand-alone product
Allows for the automation of reverse GL transaction
Boarded loans, generate GL entries are automatically

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