OmniEncrypt establishes a secure connection from each client site to our AWS environment. This connection is secured using strong encryption and authentication methods. OmniEncrypt uses a load balance appliance at the site to securely route traffic to the core system.
We provide 24/7 monitoring of this solution. Also, there is an additional option for automatic WAN failover to a cellular uplink, this option will allow connectivity to continue when the client’s internet is down.


  • ASAv inside of AWS environment
  • Serverless Compute (Lambda)
  • Encrypted Domain (172.31.240/24) (The range of IP address of the host which will be participating in the encrypted IPSEC/VPN Tunnel)
  • Preferred: non-RFC1918 IP Range, due to overlapping with other customers
  • IKEV2 is recommended
  • Encryption AES-256
  • Hashing method SHA256
  • Diffie-Hellman (DH) group 14,19, 20, 0r 21
  • No PFS
  • Phase-1 (ISAKAMP) lifetime 86400
  • Phase-2 (IPsec) lifetime 28800


  • Peer IP for Main Site
  • /32 or Encrypted Domain
  • /32 for Source Nat
  • Flexibility to use your own policy on allowed ports open to core
  • Support for Policy Base IPSEC VPN
  • Support for VTI (Route Based)
  • Configure info from above exhibit
  • 203.0.119.xx/32 is mapped to the Vendor Core IP address
  • is the source NAT traffic to the Vendors Core
  • -203.0.119.xx/32 would be the encrypted domain for the IPSEC VPN tunnel
  • - would be the source NAT
  • -203.0.119.xx is RFC-5737, You can use your own IP if non-overlapping with NXTsoft Clients

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