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#1 FinTech to Financial Institution API Connector

You've developed an awesome solution that is going to revolutionize the financial industry. Or, you have a successful, established solution, but waste valuable time and resources creating different connections to various core systems and financial institutions. Do you want to spend your development dollars on developing individual connections to each financial institution you want to sell your solution to or do you want to spend those development dollars making your solution even better?  Do you want to remove any roadblocks to a closing a deal with a potential customer by assuring the financial institution that your solution will integrate with their core system?

NXTsoft is the leading provider of API connectivity between FinTech companies and financial institutions. We have over 25 years' experience connecting FinTech solutions to banks and credit unions and our innovative solutions are built on the strongest technology foundation in the industry and are built to the highest industry and regulatory standards.

street view of tall buildings

We have thousands of existing, established connections and can connect your solution to any bank or credit union. Our extensive data library into core platforms has been built over the past 25 years and our industry experience ensures an organized execution of data integration.

Work with one vendor for all your connectivity needs!  NXTsoft will work with you to ensure a seamless integration to all your customers. Not only do we have integration experience, but we are experts in the field of core accounting and will consult with you to ensure optimal performance in any scenario.

NXTsoft's team of U.S -based skilled developers are committed to building and implementing the most cutting-edge cloud-based technology in the industry. We set the standard for connectivity and automation. Our development, implementation and client care teams are dedicated to ensuring that your connectivity experience exceeds expectations and are committed to making your open banking connectivity a reality.

Say goodbye to uncertainty, exorbitant charges, long wait times, inability to test and say hello to NXTsoft's OmniConnect – the only integration you need for your FinTech connectivity needs.

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